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Small Blue Hanukiah

HannukiyahHannukiyahHanukiahHannukiyahHanukiahCandle Inserts
Cup Insert Color



  • Length: 24 ½ inches
  • Star Height: 7 inches
  • Total Height With Candle Cup on Top of Star = 9 ¼ inches

Small Hanukiahs Supplied With Standard:

  • 8 oil cups that measure 1 ½ inches with cup inserts (either brass or silver) and fiberglass wicks
  • 1 Teardrop Shammash with fiberglass wick

What is a hanukiah?

The Hanukkah menorah is a 9 branched menorah called a hanukiah which can also be spelled hannukiyah or chanukkiyah. For more information about the hanukiah and the celebration of ‪Hanukkah see our article "Why Celebrate Hanukkah".‬